Arado Ar 196


The Ar 196 was one of the effectivst and most used little flying boats in WWII. The Ar 196 was introduced in 1939 for the german navy and was on most of the great german warships. Beeing very nimble and heavy armed it was also used for martime patrols and reconnaissance purposes. Later it was not only used in Küstenstaffeln it saw also service on german merchant ships for scouting enemy war ships.
The Ar 196 was mainly made of metall, only the stern was covered with fabric. With little bombs mounted below the wings it was used for anit U-boat patrols. The Ar 196 was also built in the France and the Netherlands and a total of 493 planes were produced.

Series: A,V
e.g.type: Use:
Ar 196 A Reconnaissance plane

Data for the: Ar 196 A

Lenght: 11,0 m
Width: 12,40 m
Height: 4,45 m
Crew: 2
Motor: BMW132 K
Power: 1 x 900 PS
Vmax: 310 km/h
Range: 1070 km
Ceiling: 7020 m
Armament: 2 x MG/FF
1 x MG 17
2 x 50 kg Bombe

Camouflage examples

Ar 196 A-3; 1.Bordfliegergruppe 196
Ar 196 A-1; 10.(See)/LG 2