Arado Ar 66

The Ar 66 was originally planned to complete the succesless serie of fighters of the Arado company and it turned out to be one of the bestsellers with 10.000 planes produced. The C-serie was used in the pilot-schools and in the half of all night fighting units at the east-front. The following units were equipped with the Ar 66: NSGr 2,3 and 5 in the Soviet union and 8 in Finnland and 12 in Lettland. Many machines were equipped with skids instead of wheels.
Series: a,b,c
e.g.type: Use:
Ar 66 b Trainer later used as ground attack plane

Data of the: Ar 66 b

Length: 8,75 m
Width: 10,00 m
Heigth: 3,25 m
Crew: 2
Motor: Argus As 10C
Power: 1 x 240 PS
Vmax: 192 km/h
Range: 570 km
Ceiling: 3000 m
Armament: -

Camouflage example

Ar 66; NG+MY