Blohm und Voss BV 138  

The unusual configuration of the three engined flying boat BV 138 showed a short hull, high mounted wings and two tail unit beams (giving the plane the nick-name "Flying clog").
The first prototype which was ready in July 1937 had seveare problems in the air and on the water. A general re-design of the construction followed. Some BV 138 A's were used as transporters for the norwegian campaign in 1940, but late in June 1941 the BV 138 B's saw their service in the role they were constructed for, as sea-reconnaissance planes. From then on they patroled the North-sea and the Arctic-sea and shadowed the well known North-Cape convoys.
The version BV 138 MS was equipped with a mine-sweeping gear and the BV 138 C-1 which was equipped with Radar saw service in anti U-boat attacks.
Series: A,B,C,MS,V
e.g. type: Use:
BV 138 MS Mine-searching-flying-boat
BV 138 C-1 Reconnaissance plane

Data from the: BV 138 C-1

Lenght: 19,85 m
Width: 26,94 m
Height: 5,91 m
Crew: 6
Motor: Jumo 205 D
Power: 3 x 700 PS
Vmax: 285 km/h
Range: 5000 km
Ceiling: 4200 m
Armament: 2 x MG 151/20
1 x MG 131

Camouflage examples

BV 138 MS
BV 138 C-1s; 1.(F)/Sagr. 130