Dornier Do 17

The Do 17 was the mostly used middle seized bomber germany at the beginning of the war. It was a twin enigne palne with the 4 men crew completly sitting in the bow. The standard bomber version DO 17 Z-2 was in use in 4 Kampfgeschwader und several other Kampfgruppen during the first year of the war. It saw service during the France campagin and the Battle of Britain. Although beeing well constructed the DO 17 had to low engine power. At the end of 1940 the plane was outdated and was removed from bombing missions for other use.
Series: E,F,J,Ka,L,M,MV,P,R,S,U,V,Z
e.g.type: Use:
Do 17 V-1 Airliner
Do 17 V-9 Bomber
Do 17 E-1
Do 17 F-1 Reconnaissance plane
Do 17 Ka-1 Bomber
Do 17 L Experimental airplane
Do 17 MV-1
Do 17 MV-3 Bomber
Do 17 P-1 Reconnaissance plane
Do 17 S-0 Special-Photo-plane without arms
Do 17 U-0 Postal airplane
Do 17 Z-2 Bomber
Do 17 Z-3 Reconnaissance plane
Do 17 Z-5 Bomber
Do 17 Z-10 Nightfighter "Kauz"

Data of the: Do 17 Z-10

Length: 15,79 m
Width: 18,00 m
Height: 4,56 m
Crew: 3
Motor: BMW-Bramo 323 P
Power: 2 x 1050 PS
Vmax: 442 km/h
Range: 9000 km
Ceiling: 1700 m
Armament: 4 x MG/FF
4 x MG 17

Camouflage examples

Do 17 Z-2; 10.(Kroat.)/KG 3
Do 17 Z; 9./KG 76
Do 17 Z-10; I./NJG 2
Do 17 F-1; 1./A.Gr. 124