Dornier Do 18 

The D0 18 was a directly descendant of the outstanding whale-family. It's first flight was in 1935, now as a twin engine Parasol single wing plane. The Do 18 D was replaced as a sea-reconnaissance plane by the Do 18 G-1 at the outbreak of war. An unarmed training version with double steering was named Do 18 H. The production was canceled in 1940 as many Do 18 G-1 were rebuilt to Do 18 N-1 for SAR-purposes. The Do 18 was seen in the first months of the year above the North-Sea and the Channel, mainly during the Batlle of Britain. In total, 100 Do 18 were built, thereof  70 Do 18 G's.
Series: D,E,F,G,H,N,L,V
e.g.type: Use:
Do 18 E Postal airplane
Do 18 D Reconnaissance plane
Do 18 H Blind-flight-school

Data for the: Do D

Length: 19,23 m
Width: 23,70 m
Height: 5,35 m
Crew: 4
Motor: Jumo 205 C
Power: 2 x 600 PS
Vmax: 250 km/h
Range: 4225 km
Ceiling: 4350 m
Armament: 2 x MG15

Camouflage examples

Do 18 D; Flugzeugführerschule(See)
Do 18 D; 2./KüFlGr. 906