Dornier Do 26

Contrary to the other flying boats of Dornier, the Do 26 was an elegant and slim plane. The plane had "mew"-wings, retractable skids, which were mounted below the wings and four engines. The first two planes were used from Lufthansa on the Nort-Atlantic-route in 1938/39. The next four (Do 26 D) planes were taken from the Luftwaffe and were used for transport and reconnaissance purposes. The military version was armed with a 20-mm-MG-151 in the bow and three further MG 15. All Do 26 took part at the norwegian campaign.
Series: A,B,C,D,V
e.g. type: Use:
Do 26 D Reconnaissance plane

Data of the: Do 26 C

Length: 24,60 m
Width: 30,00 m
Heigth: 6,85 m
Crew: 7
Motor: Jumo 205 Ea/D
Power: 4 x 880 PS
Vmax: 345 km/h
Range: -
Ceiling: 6500 m
Armament: 1 x MG 204
5 x MG 15