Heinkel He 114  

The He 114 was planned to be the follower for the He 60. The V1-version had it's first flight in early 1936 using a DB-600 A.motor. ) prototypes were needed to eliminate the many flaws of the design. The different versions saw only a short period of service the Luftwaffe. They were also delivered to Rumania, Spain and Sweden. The He 114 carried 250 kg bombs and a MG 15 in the tail turret.
Series: A,B,C,V
e.g.type: Use:
He 114 A Reconnaissance plance

Data for the: He 114 A

Length: 11,90 m
Width: 13,30 m
Height: 5,15 m
Crew: 2
Motor: BMW 132 K
Power: 1 x 830 PS
Vmax: 292 km/h
Range: 1050 km
Ceiling: 4800 m
Armament: 1 x MG 15

Camouflage example

He 114; SAGr. 125