Heinkel He 115          

The He 115, constructed as a twin engine plane was very effective in it's role as mine-layer and torpedo-bomber (first flight in 1936).
In 1940 the He 115B saw service as a mine-layer, carrying a single magnetic mine of 920 kg. Airplanes of Küstenfliegergruppe 106 und 406 flew on a regularly basis mining missions at the east and south coast of Great Britain. At the end of 1940 the He 115 C appeared with heavy armament; a subversion had improved skids for landings on ice and iced snow. The C-4 was a version specialised for torpedo-attacks, which was used several times against the north-cape convoys.

Series: A,B,C,D,V
e.g.type: Use:
He 115 B-1 Reconnaisance plane

Data for the: He 115 B-1

Length: 17,30 m
Width: 22,28 m
Height: 6,62 m
Crew: 3
Motor: BMW 132 K
Power: 2 x 960 PS
Vmax: 295 km/h
Range: 2600 km
Ceiling: 5200 m
Armament: 2 x MG15
1 Torpedo oder 500 kg Bombe

Camouflage examples

He 115 B-2; 1./KüFlGr. 406
He 115 C-1; 1./KüFlGr. 406