Heinkel He 59

The twin engine double-winged He 59 was constructed during the time of secret military planing in 1930. It was designed as a torpedo-bomber with changeable wheel- or skid landing-gears. The He 59 C saw several roles of use in WW II, including costal-reconnaissance, SAR and bombing trainig. In this roles the version D and E followed, the version N was used as navigation-trainer. In the first years of the war that plane was frequently used. It was used for transporting attacking units during the invasion of the Netherlands. It layed mines before the shores of Great Britain, shadowed convoys and was used for SAR-purposes during the Battle of Britain. Roughly six groups equipped with the He 59, before she was replaced from the Do 18 and Do 24.
Series: A,B,C,D,E,N,W
e.g.type: Use:
He 59 B-2 Sea-SAR-plane
He 59 N-2 Navigation-trainer
He 59 D/93l Licenz-version by Arado with He 115 canopy

Data of the: He 59 C-2

Length: 17,35 m
Width: 23,70 m
Height: 7,10 m
Crew: 4
Motor: BMW VI 6,0ZU
Power: 2 x 660 PS
Vmax: 230 km/h
Range: 775 km
Ceiling: 3500 m
Armament: -

Camouflage example

He 59 D-1; Seenotzentrale