Junkers Ju 88   

The Ju 88 began it's service for the Luftwaffe in 1939 and was in use until the end. Built total of metall, it was fast nimble and very popular. It could be used as diving bomber and as medium sized horizontal-bomber. The Ju 88 saw service during all campaigns in 1939 and 1940, in the battle of Britain, on the Balkan, in the mediterranian sea and at the East-front.
The basic bomber version was the Ju 88 A (including maritime sub-series), the fast Ju 88S reached a top speed of 615 km/h.
Series: A,B,C,D,E,F,R,G,H,P,S,T,V
e.g.type: Use:
Ju 88 A-1 Bomber
Ju 88 A-4
Ju 88 A-5
Ju 88 A-15
Ju 88 B-0 Reconnaissance plane
Ju 88 C-6 Destroyer
Ju 88 R-2 Night fighter
Ju 88 G-1
Ju 88 G-6
Ju 88 H-1 Reconnaissance plane
Ju 88 P-1 Ju88 A-4 conversion with 7,5 cm-anti tank gun
Ju 88 P-4 Ju88 A-4 conversion with 50 mm canone
Ju 88 T-1 Reconnaissance plane

Datea for the: Ju 88 A-4

Length: 14,36 m
Width: 20,08 m
Height: 5,07 m
Crew: 4
Motor: Jumo 211 J
Power: 2 x 1410 PS
Vmax: 440 km/h
Range: 2500 km
Ceiling: 8500 m
Armament: 5 x MG81
up to 3.600 kg bombs-weight

Camouflage examples

Ju 88 C-6; IV./NJG 5
Ju 88 T-1; 2.(F)/123
Ju 88 D-1; 2.(F)/123
Ju 88 G-6; 4./NJG 4