Kampfgruppe 126

Formed 2.40 in Marx from parts of III./KG26:
     Stab/KGr.126 from Stab III./KG26
     1./KGr.126 from 7./KG26
     2./KGr.126 from 8./KG26
     3./KGr.126 from 9./KG26

Conducted mining operations in coastal waters. From 8.40 attached to Stab/KG40. In 12.40 redesignated I./KG28:
    Stab/KGr.126 became Stab I./KG28
    1./KGr.126 became 1./KG28
    2./KGr.126 became 2./KG28
    3./KGr.126 became 3./KG28
2.40 - 7.40 Marx 9. Flieger-Division He 111H
7.40 - 12.40 Nantes 9. Flieger-Division
IX. Fliegerkorps (from 10.40)
He 111H