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The 9th Flotilla is the last active combat flotilla of the unterseebootwaffe community.  To stay as a powerful sword for the German marine, new members are always welcome.

After sinking the 15th. escort the 9th Flotilla was known around the other flotillas as the  Escort-Hunters.
The painting von Max und zu Kronau-Wahrsteiner showing a Sawfish riping an escort was
painted before the bow anchor on both sides on each U-boat which had sunk at least one escort

  • Fregattenkapitän Ralf Thomsen; CO
    "The Lauging Sawfish"
      U 113, Type IIC
      U 54,   Type VIIB
      U 104, Type IXB
  • Otto M Kaleun

         French Lily; U-214       

    "French Lily"
      U 214
  • Graf von Fuerker***
  • Udo Slinkoz***
  • Hans "Fleischer von Artiksee" Kruger***
  • Michal Seraphin***
  • Arno Steinmetz (deceased)
  • Kapitänleutnant Michael Hoffmann

       U 116, Type IIC
       U 302, Type VIIB
       U 364, Type IXB
  • Kapitänleutnant Hermann Timmermann***


    "Das Eisenboot"
      U 217, Type IIC
    "Die Lebensader"
      U 222, Type VIIB
    "Die Kriegskuh"
      U 256, Type IXB
  • Kapitänleutnant Fritz Rumey  ***


    "The Viking Ship"
      U 113, Type IIC
      U 64,   Type IXB
  • Kapitänleutnant Heronimus Reiss


    "The White Whale"
      U 102, Type VIIB
      U 90,   Type VIIC
  • Oberleutnant Hans Schencker  ***


    "3 Times Black Cat"
      U 136, Type IIC

  • Kapitänleutnant Max von und zu Kronau-Wahrsteiner***


    "Der Blaue Aal"
      U 770, Type VIIC
  • Korvettenkapitän Max Neumann
    "4 Aces"
      U 103, Type IIC
      U 121, Type VIIB
      U 109,  Type IXB
  • Korvettenkapitän Manfred Buchmann

    "The Crossed Swords"
      U 59,   Type IIC
      U 87,   Type VIIB
      U 122, Type IXB
      U 519, Type IXC
      U 841, Type IXC/40
  • Oberleutnant Hans Bergan ***

    "Satan's Rage"
      U 49, Type VIIC
  • Kapitänleutnant Stefan Michael Grabowski

    "The Octopus"
      U 330, Type IIC
      U 114, Type VIIB
      transferred to 5th. Flotilla as CO
  • Oberleutnant Johann von Lubermann ***

    "Royal Flush"
      U 61, Type IIC
  • Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Wernke (retired)
      U   31, Type IIC
      U   85, Type VIIB
      U 124, Type IXB

  • Oberleutnant Willy Weideberg

    "The golden horseshoe"
      U 37, Type IIC

  • Oberleutnant Egan Wesse

      U 21, Type IIC
      U 39, Type IXB

  • Kapitänleutnant Werner Kempton

    U 80, Type VIIC

  • Oberleutnant Thomas Strauss (retired)

      U 71,  Type IIC
      U 275, Type VIIB

  • Oberleutnant Ernst Kippler
    U 53,  Type IIC

  • Oberleutnant Gerhard Anders
    U 56,   Type IIC
    U 101, Type VIIB

  • Oberleutnant Hans Eicke
    "Jolly Roger"
       U 52, Type VII

  • Oberleutnant Klaus von Bulow
    "The syringe"
      U 53, Type VIIB

  • Oberleutnant Wolfgang Clausen


      U 428, Type IIC
    "Black Knight"
      U 495, Type VIIC
  • Oberleutnant Rufus Bertfass


      U 112, Type IIC
    "Olympic rings"
      U 51,   Type VIIB
      U 69,   Type IXB
  • Leutnant zur See Eric Karle


      U 184, Type IIA
    "Mein Herz brennt"
  • Oberleutnant Johannes Buchmann


      U 5, Type IIA
  • Oberleutnant Hans Kessler

       U 709, Type VIIB
  • Oberleutnant Vik Shloss

       U 431, Type II-C

"Star announcement"
* Orderd to report five days before, no response
** No reports since two weeks, sinking has to be estimated
*** No reports since one month, sinking assumed

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