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Here is the place to say, where we list all the documents and pictures and where they were taken from and by whom.
Although U-boat men seem to be descendants of the old pirates, nowadays it is only fair to say who had actually performed the primary work and where it originated from. It is these people we say "Thank You"!
But marking all documents whith copyrights and gratitude would disturb the design of the page and therefore, I believe the best solution is to list everything here in order to get a compromise between the needs of copyright and page design.
If someone of the owners does not like the use of their materials as despicted they should mail me and the documents will be removed immediately

Now with the enhancement of the page the list is growing.

  • The main design and layout is the official layout created by Admiral Schedin for a common look of all flottila pages.
    He retouched some good pictures of the aces from the 9th and also the flotilla-banner is from him.
  • The information about the flotilla and sawfish and flotilla logos is taken from, also, the documents about the base is from there, as well. Furthermore the design of the bio-pages is copied to achieve a more authentic look of the bio-pages.
  • Additionally pictures and informations regarding the base were harvested from The U-boat Bases
  • The laughing sawfish came from the uboat net and were altered a bit for my purposes by Steve Grabowski, another fine pal in our Wolfpack-List who scans these pages for correction.
  • Many pictures were taken out of the books of Lothar-Günther Buchheim
    - U-Boot Krieg
    - Die U-Boot Fahrer
    - Zu Tode gesiegt
  • Micheal Hoffmann did all the scans and I gave him a litlle thanks in adding him
    as an alias to our flotilla.
  • Screenshots and sounds from the film "Das Boot" were harvested from (Page does not exist any more)
  • Of course, some pics were taken from "Command Aces of the Deep" from Sierra
  • The soundtrack from "Das Boot" was taken from
    U-Boot - Die Geschichte der Deutschen WK-II U-Boote
  • The story about the Laughing Sawfish  insignia was taken from the book
    "U-boat Emblems of World War II", Fischer publishing and scanned by Steve Grabowski.
  • The famous words of wisdom from Philipp Thomsen and the AOD-sound files were scanned from Marc Winter
  • Some pictures were taken out of the book "Der Tod auf allen Meeren"
  • The decorations were taken from Admiral Abbadons pages (Page does not exist any more)
  • Pictures regarding Secret Weapons were taken out of the book "Streng Geheim, Wissenschaft und Technik im Zweiten Weltkrieg"
  • All pictures and  technical data in the "Air support??" chapter were taken from
  • Pictures for the patrols of Manfred Buchmann are from the following sources
    "U-boats in camera, 1939-1945" from Jak P. Mallmann Showell
    "U-boat war" from Lothar Günther Buchheim and
    from private collections
  • The sources for the chapter naval units of the german Luftwaffe are displayed in the chapter itself.
  • Same applies for the pictures in the U-boat Gallery
  • The song "J'attendrai" was collected from the page of Phillip Gamel (Page does not exist any more)
  • The "Tipperary song" was taken from the page of Florian Stompe (Page does not exist any more)
  • For creating the status chart, I used the following sources:
    "Luftkrieg 1939-1945" from Janusz Piekalkiewicz
    "Kriegsmarine 1939-1945" from Jak Mallmann-Showell
    The world at war, history of WW 1939-45 from Wilfried Braakhuis
  • The moving u-boat line was taken from Kevin's 2. Weltkriegseite
  • The pictures from U 96 on the "Actual History" page were sent from Holger Schneider
  • The 9th flotilla logo of the 9th. SH2 flotilla was taken from the download-site of their homepage.

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