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The scoreboard of the 9th. is a place where all results of the patrol reports are collected and displayed.
This board shall encourage active members to send patrol reports or create bio-pages

To the scoreboard

Some regulations need to be considered:

  • The scoreboard reports only members of the 9th., regardless if they are active, killed in action, deceased or CO.
  • Only reports which were sent to the Wolfpack Mailing List starting from the active date of the flotilla representing the active membership of the crew to the flotilla, will be recorded. Another opportunity is to publish patrol reports in the bio-page which is linked to the flotilla site (regardless of the dates).
  • Only reports based on real patrols from "Aces of the deep" or "Command Aces of the Deep" with high grade of reality will be posted. Setting reality for example to unlimited torpedoes is not allowed, if so, your report will be notified as such on the board.
    If you are unsure about the setting of the reality graduation, ask your CO. At the end it is the decision of the CO if a report is taken to the board or not.
  • Kriegstagebücher (KTB reports) are a serious thing. No falsification of KTB logs, transmissions, or reports of sinking and tonnage reports will be allowed. Be aware that the patrol reports are scanned by experts. If you do not report the truth, a court-martial awaits you.
    This is an appeal to the honour of the Officers from the Kriegsmarine.