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(LAST UPDATE: 17.04.2004)

Here are all active combat flotillas displayed with an direct access to the page or mail link to the CO. Look around and see which forces are deployed at the moment.

2nd Flotilla; Lorient

No Active Webpage

KvtKptn Wolf Rammstein

3rd Flottilla; La Rochelle

KvtKptn Tobias Koch

7th Flotilla; St. Nazaire

No Active Webpage

FrgKptn Josef Dahnert

9th Flotilla; Brest

You are still at the 9th!

FrgtKptn Ralf Thomsen

10th Flotilla, Lorient

Active webpage

 KvtKptn Stefan von Schröder

11th Flotilla; Bergen

No Active Webpage

  KvtKptn Hans Heidtmann  

  13th Flotilla; Trondheim

Active Webpage

KvtKptn Kurt Steiner

33rd Flotilla; Flensburg

No Active Webpage

KptLtn Wilhelm Weiss

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You are interested to join a flotilla? I assume that you are a member of the Wolfpack-Mail-List.        No?

Well, follow that link to the Unterseebootwaffe . Choose on the left bar the line "U-Community" and then the register "The Mail List" to see what you have to do to subscribe.
I would assume that you listen some days the messages circling around to see what a pack we are.

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Where is the headquarter of this pack? Who are the men, which are in command of that group?
Follow the link by clicking on the emblem or send an email direct to our Admiral our Konteradmiral

    High Command, Wilhelmshaven    

Headquarter Wilhelmshaven

         Admiral Schedin       

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