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(LAST UPDATE: 17.04.2004)

I'm including step by step other u-boat related links to sites which I like.

A german U-boat
forum. Click on the pic
and improve your
german skills.

Zum U-Board

Originally made byCarsten
Corleis, now in other hands.

A nice Silent Hunter

To the 9th Flottilla of the SH2 community

And here is the link to
our 9th Flottilla of
that community

An uboat-site with no
link to


Simply THE site for the
No more comments needed

A marvellous site
about a marvellous man
and his boat.

Left Click to open the link

The U 552 site is in german
AND english!

Everything an U-boot fahrer needs

You got your dress?
Now personalize it
with your emblem.

To the device maker!

Just click on that pic, to see
a of sortiment, hat devices
including the official
9th flotilla logo.

What's about some fine
artwork for your office?


If you follow that link, you'll
find a lot of u-boat related

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Downloads for the Wolfpack-Enthusiast

Marc Fellows,  another fine pal of our Wolfpack list created a sound enhancement file for the Sierra games "Aces of the Deep" and "Command Aces of the deep". Here is a link for downloading the .zip file. The file is 943 kB big. So it will take a little bit time to download.
Of course, Marc and me take no warranty for using that file and you should carefully read the installation instructions first. It is all on your own risk, no claims or refunds can be expected, if something went wrong.  ;-)
A simple "href"-link:
(This should be supported by all browsers. If you have troubles contact me, because it is my first "download" try.)

The next item is a screensaver with 9th flotilla emblem: The Laughing Sawfish. It was created by Bruce Nail, a member of the 9th flotilla.
Before you download that file read the installation instruction:
Download the zip.file to your computer and extract the two bmp.files to a directory.
Rightclick on your desktop. The properties box appears. Choose section "Screensaver and  choose the option "3D-object". Next choose "Tuning". The setup screen appears. Select "Flag with pattern". Now the "Pattern" Button is active and you can choose one of the bitmaps you have downloaded.  (Before, change to the directory, where you extracted them to).
The file is about 550kB big, but each second downloadtime is worth the penny.

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Fun Area

Okay, war itself has nothing to do with fun. But the base for this site is a computer-game and therefor fun-related.
It is not so easy, to find u-boat related gags. But every march starts with a first step! If you have any more u-boat related gags, please mail them to me and hopefully this section will grow very fast.

  1. Some fates of german U-boats in WW II are still obscure. But with the use of modern technologies, more and more historical facts come to the surface.
    Here is now the real story about the tragic loss of U-66.

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AOD meets SH2

Three guys met in Germany to talk about Uboats and to have fun......

Follow the link to see, what happend

Every good story has a sequel. But now four guys met.....

Follow that link to see, what happend

And the beat goes on...... The first official german Uboat simulation meeting and it's preparation

Follow that link to see, what happend

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Movie, Movie

Dan Reed, a further member of the 9th. Flotilla is in his "real life" a teacher for Military History at the Lorain County Joint Vocational  in Oberlin, Ohio USA.
He made with his students a movie about the life in a german u-boat. Just follow the link and see some shots. Some of the props are for sale. Check out the section at the end of the page

To the Movie-project

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